Healthcare Kiosks

Medical Kiosks

Healthcare Kiosks

  • 80% of internet users have searched online for information about specific health topics.
  • $11 million in revenue: major healthcare organization increased their revenue by an astounding $11 Million through the use of self-service systems.
  • 86% of firms polled across all industries will be spending more on self-service technology in 5 years.

Benefits of healthcare self-service kiosks as reported by a national health system:

  • Accelerated and increased patient payment collections.
  • Raised patient satisfaction.
  • Eliminated inefficient paper-based processes.

Who  uses  Healthcare  Kiosks?

  • 20% Male
  • 80% Female

Interesting Facts

February #1 month for medical related worldwide searches 3.2 billion recorded to date.

20% of Triage Nurses in California Hospitals referred patients with non-threatening injuries to healthcare kiosks.

More medical apps are being created for kiosks and mobile devices. 13,600 Health and Fitness related apps are available to patients and consumers.

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