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JCDecaux Airport, Inc. Charging Kiosk
Olea Kiosks was recently approached by JCDecaux Airport, Inc., the number one outdoor advertising company in the world[1], to engineer and manufacturer a cutting edge Digital charging station kiosk.  JCDecaux Airport, Inc. presented designs for a state-of-the-art digital kiosk that would be jam-packed with the latest electrical hardware technologies and include innovative features that create a best-in-class user experience.

The end result was the development of a beautiful kiosk that is a showcase of both design and function, featuring the following:

  • The unit is striking at 8-feet tall, with a sleek body only inches thick and less than two feet wide.
  • The kiosk is dual-sided, with the same charging features available on both sides of the device.
  • Each shelf features 2 QI wireless chargers (4 total), 4 110-volt outlets (8 total), and 3 USB outlets (6 total).
  • The kiosk showcases Verizon branding, highlighted by a slim 32” monitor runs that runs Verizon video commercials.
  • The side panel features a 3/4-inch plexiglass piece that is illuminated by RGB LED lighting that is controlled by wireless remote.  The LEDs can not only be set to any color in the rainbow, they can also be animated with a variety of transitions – flash, strobe, or basic fade transitions.
  • The device has a full circuit breaker panel to manage the two 20-amp, 110-volt power systems – one of which is used to power the digital hardware, the other which is used to provide power to the charging hardware.

JCDecaux Airport, Inc. originally approached Olea with a concept design, but relied on Olea’s engineering experience to develop and execute the technical specification to bring the kiosk to fruition.  In addition to the engineering challenge, JCDecaux Airport, Inc. also presented Olea with a very tight deadline to create a prototype, pass UL testing, and ultimately manufacture and deploy the finished kiosk.
Olea welcomed the challenge to create this new kiosk that would be both aesthetically innovative and cutting-edge in its functionality.  While the deadline presented a challenge, Olea’s engineering team was up to the task.  The initial prototype was developed in 8 weeks, which is a very quick turnaround for a kiosk as feature-rich as the JCDecaux charging station.

In addition to the challenge of rapid development and deployment, Olea also had to engineer the kiosk to meet certain requirements specific to JCDecaux Airport, Inc.  The bottom panel, which houses the circuit breaker and power system, was developed to hide all components and allow access only through the use of special JCDecaux tools, similar to how Apple’s techs work with an iPhone.  Further, the kiosk can be managed remotely, including the ability to update contact, cycle power, and shut down the system as needed.

The final outcome of the project was the manufacture of 200 kiosks that have been deployed to Miami, Newark, JFK, LAX, and Houston airports.  A special stainless steel version, which is also more compact, will be rolling out in the international terminal at LAX in the coming months.  Future deployments to additional east coast airports are also in the works.

Contact Olea Kiosks today to find out how the Olea design and engineering team can bring your dream kiosk to life!

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