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Tips for a Successful Interactive Kiosk Deployment

Interactive kiosks are everywhere!  Nearly every day in the news there is a new story of kiosks being deployed in a wide variety of applications intended to create greater efficiency in a variety of industries, including retail, food service, casino gaming, government agencies, school campuses, and more. With so many success stories, many businesses see digital kiosks as a “magic bullet” that is…

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Olea Kiosks Case Study: TapSnap Portable Photo Booth

At Olea Kiosks, our design and engineering team takes pride in developing custom kiosk solutions that exceed the customer’s expectations for both form and function. One of our latest custom solutions, the TapSnap portable photobooth, is a perfect example of how we are able to integrate innovative technology with a cutting-edge aesthetic.  When TapSnap approached with their specifications for a portable photobooth solution,…

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Case Study: JCDecaux Airport Charging Kiosk

Olea Kiosks was recently approached by JCDecaux Airport, Inc., the number one outdoor advertising company in the world[1], to engineer and manufacturer a cutting edge Digital charging station kiosk.  JCDecaux Airport, Inc. presented designs for a state-of-the-art digital kiosk that would be jam-packed with the latest electrical hardware technologies and include innovative features that create a best-in-class user experience. The end result was the…

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Why the Government Is Investing in Self-Service Kiosk Machines

Infographic as a PDF: Self-Service Technology Government Investing Kiosks are increasingly being heralded as a technology through which the Federal Government, state governments and municipalities can engage with citizens and streamline many of their customer service functions. The Surge of Government Kiosk Systems In the early 1990s, government agencies that wanted to provide a self-service option for constituents chose kiosk systems to handle a variety of…

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HR Kiosks Can Help Optimize Your Benefits Packages

As is commonly known, employee turnover can be quite costly, as not only is time invested in the recruitment and interviewing process, but once a viable candidate is found, that new hire must be trained in order to become efficient in their new workplace. Having appropriately structured benefits packages can be very beneficial in helping to increase employee retention and limit turnover. Human…

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Education Kiosks Bring Numerous Benefits to Academic Institutions

The use of interactive kiosks by educational institutions is on the rise and for good reason – they provide unparalleled access to information as well as a means for the school’s administration to communicate with the student body, faculty, alumni and visitors. The use of educational kiosks can provide a wealth of benefits including streamlining staff in customer service positions, increased accessibility to…

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