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How Can Information Kiosks Help Your Business?

Infographic as a PDF: How Information Kiosks Help Your Business Information Kiosks are changing the way companies and shoppers interact. What was once one-way communication is now a two-way dialogue thanks to the advent of information kiosks. 1) Information Kiosks by the Numbers The Information Kiosk industry has been growing at a 40 percent annual growth rate, and the prediction is that 22 million Information Kiosks will be…

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Custom Digital Kiosks at the Space Needle

Seattle’s iconic Space Needle recently received a major upgrade with a set of new custom digital kiosks. The main attraction is an 8-foot tall by 20-foot wide interactive touchscreen called “SkyPad”. The interactive experience is a journey through “52 years of sunsets, celebrations, history, and imagination” according to the Space Needle’s website. Visitors can interact with this colossal custom digital kiosk screen in…

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Better Customer Engagement through Interactive Kiosks

Better Customer Engagement Through Interactive Kiosk Machines It’s not a surprise that Interactive Kiosk systems are being deployed in prime retail real estate to offer consumers effective and innovative ways to interact with brands. Retailers also have the opportunity to efficiently reach target audiences to stay competitive in the marketplace. The following are five ways that interactive kiosk machines help you to better…

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Trends in Travel Kiosks, Passenger Experience & Airports

Infographic as a PDF: Passenger Experiences with Travel Kiosks Airport Travel Kiosks With global travel on the upswing, airports are evermore congested and international hubs are increasingly congested as demands grow on customs clearances. An Automated Passport Solution (APS), is an airport travel kiosk for airport security that has the potential to greatly reduce the burden brought by busier airports. Travel Industry Statistics In 2012, international…

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How Kiosks Are Revolutionizing Industries

Infographic as a PDF: How Kiosks are Revolutionizing Industries As technology keeps improving, it allows us to become more and more efficient. And with the onset of kiosks, a wide variety of industries are taking advantage of new technologies. The following data illustrates how kiosks are revolutionizing industries. Healthcare Industry Healthcare and Medical Kiosks make medical training easier with all the helpful educational apps offered…

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Automated Passport Solutions Kiosks

Olea Kiosks has launched an automated customs kiosk for airports and international transportation hubs. The Automated Passport Solution (APS) is a customs kiosk that will streamline the way passengers enter the airport or other international hubs and get cleared by customs in remarkable time. The APS customs kiosk will make its debut at Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) airport. Thirty such kiosks will be deployed…

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