How Court Kiosks Help to Improve Efficiency

October 3, 2014

Governments looking to reduce operating costs and speed up transactions are now turning to court kiosks in massive numbers. Court kiosks have been around since the early 2000’s, but as we see a general rise in the acceptance of digital kiosks in other sectors, courthouses across the country are also starting to benefit from automated processes.
Court Kiosks Can Assist with Basic Check-ins and Filings
Early models of court kiosks were used to check in litigants, attorneys, and visitors, etc.; however, capabilities have grown to now include:

  • Fee and fine collections,
  • updates on parties’ arrival,
  • docket details, and
  • wayfinding to reach courtrooms.

In the past, relaying these mundane details required human staffing. Today, courthouse visitors can enjoy a much smoother process, and governments can enjoy cost savings, thanks to court kiosks.
Interactive digital court kiosks can even connect judges with counsel, and can be used to file a myriad of legal documents. Also, these kiosks can be situated on off-courthouse premises, such as in another county government location, making it more convenient for the public to pay fees and fines, or process paperwork. This not only helps the public gain better access to public services, but it also may help to reduce foot traffic at the courthouse.
Full Courthouse Services in Digital Format
Olea Kiosks has the ability to duplicate a full set of courthouse services in one of our court kiosks, with no compromise on service. In fact, many courthouse services are improved through the increased efficiency of customer self-service through the implementation of a court kiosk.
Olea Kiosks provides an exhaustive list of features in court kiosks including:

  • Computer-like components such as keyboards,
  • Internet
  • Portable media such as USB and SD
  • Video conferencing, and
  • Advanced security features such as biometric scanning and malware/virus protection

Governments across the world are constantly pressured to cut costs and reduce friction when providing services. Court kiosks are a simple, cost effective way to increase public satisfaction while reducing overhead. If your government agency is interested in learning more about court kiosks, please contact Olea today.