Human Resource Kiosk

August 2, 2012

Human Resource Kiosks have been popular for many years now. HR Managers are constantly trying to find a way to better serve their workforce. Many companies have employees who don’t have access to the internet to view an employee portal. HR Kiosks when placed around factory floors for example or in break rooms provide a convenient place for employees to access HR services. Applications such as looking up old time sheets, paycheck stubs, requesting vacation time, enrollment for benefits and many other simple tasks can now be done by the employee on their own schedule. This lowers the cost of interacting with an employee significantly and also increases the time that the HR staff has to commit to other tasks.
Privacy issues can be a concern for HR Kiosks because of the sensitive information that can be displayed. To combat these, Olea offers HR Kiosks with 3M privacy filters for the touch screen monitor as well as pressure sensitive mats that deactivate the user session and clear the screen when stepped off of. Thermal printers can also be programmed to retract any untaken printouts and deposit them inside of the kiosk to allow for shredding at a later time.
Olea has deployed hundreds of HR related kiosks for companies like Morgan Stanley, Aria Resorts, MGM Resorts, Ahold, Proctor and Gamble and many more nationwide. Our standard Boston Model Kiosk makes an excellent Self Service HR Kiosk because it can hold all the proper hardware and has a steeply tilted monitor allowing the user added security when standing at the machine.