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Inspiring the Industry

At Olea, we applaud emerging innovations that impact the world and we challenge ourselves to set the standard of quality that inspires the rest of the kiosk industry.

We draw on our American spirit of craftsmanship, competitiveness and innovation to produce functional works of art that offer complete solutions to our customers’ unique challenges and elevate the industry with compelling design.

Phase One: Requirement Gathering

In this phase Olea’s Custom Kiosk team will meet with you to determine the driving factors for a custom kiosk and to gather the requirements for your kiosk project.

Phase Two: Design

Oftentimes hand drawn sketches are the starting point for a design. This allows Olea’s Industrial Designers to quickly draw several concepts, to establish a basic design theme of the kiosk.

Phase Three: Computer Renderings

In order to create our computer renderings, we first start by creating a wire frame using SolidWorks. When possible, we use manufacturer provided 3D CAD data of all PCs, monitors and other peripherals used in the kiosk.

Phase Four: Engineering

Olea’s Mechanical Engineers transform the renderings into CAD files for production. We focus on manufacturing a kiosk that is easy to build, service and maintain; “Better kiosk machines through intelligent design” is only achieved when these criteria are met.

Phase Five: Prototype

After engineering is complete and you are ready to move forward to production, it’s always best to produce a prototype or a small controlled batch of kiosk machines for live testing. This allows the manufacturer, the intended end users and the customer to test the kiosk system completely.

Phase Six: Production

Generally, the ideal quantity for production after prototype should be 20 units or more. At this level with sheet metal, the setup fees for all of the CNC equipment required to build the kiosk machines, begin to have an economy of scale.

Kiosk Machine Deployment

Olea made Kiosks have been deployed in various Industries across the World. From shopping centers, Universities, airports, Corporate security to Casino resorts and Health Care providers.

Made in the U.S.A.

As a company that has been manufacturing domestically for over 37 years, we have seen firsthand the detrimental impact to our economy of off-shoring jobs and buying from overseas companies. By manufacturing our products in the U.S., Olea is a steady supplier of well-paying jobs in engineering, design, maintenance, assembly, welding, and painting — all in the homeland.

ADA Compliance

ADA compliance is of upmost importance as it is not simply a nice option to have, it’s the law. If your kiosk system is out of compliance with the ADA standards, you could be fined.

There are two types of ADA compliance that Olea designs and produces Kiosks for. The first and most typical is the 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design. The second is what’s known as ADA 508 and is a requirement if you’re purchasing and deploying a kiosk machine for the Government or are using Federal Government funds.

Standard ADA requires that any item that the user will need to access in order to make the kiosk function be no higher than 48” off the ground. This would apply to your touch screen and any other component like card readers or telephone handsets.

Safety Compliance

Olea Kiosks offers safety certification for all of the kiosks we design and manufacture. Often UL, CE, and FCC are requirements of organizations that are placing self-service kiosks or other technologies within their facilities. It could be a requirement of the organization or its insurers to always place products with certification from a trusted testing body. Most often we see this as a requirement for healthcare kiosks, self-service, government, airports, outdoor kiosks as well as kiosks for larger retailers.

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