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Self-service leader in healthcare, gaming and other verticals is top vote-getter in multiple categories in competition.

Olea Kiosks has dominated the inaugural Most Innovative Kiosk Awards.
Industry news and information leader held the competition to determine the most innovative kiosks in eight deployment categories. The results were announced earlier today, March 1, 2017. Not only did Olea win all three categories it entered, its three kiosks were the top three vote-getters over all.

“We are blown away and grateful for the recognition,” said Frank Olea, CEO and third-generation leader of the Los Angeles-based self-service manufacturer. “We work very hard to engineer, manufacture and deliver the best kiosks in the world, and we couldn’t be more thrilled that Kiosk Marketplace and its expert readers have honored us in this way.”
The three categories Olea entered and won are:

The Verona Healthcare Kiosk received more votes than any kiosk in any category, and the win is especially gratifying for Olea given the demands of the healthcare industry. In addition to the standard  ADA compliance rules, deployers must address HIPAA regulations, guidelines mandated by providers of electronic medical records software and the usability of the kiosk in an environment where self-service is still a relatively new presence.

Verona Healthcare Kiosk
The Verona meets these challenges with a host of features, including unique motorized push-button height adjustment over a full 10-inch vertical range. This makes it ADA compliant for users whether standing or approaching from a wheelchair.

Front access to its quick-change hardware configuration makes maintenance a breeze. The kiosk also can accept the latest in EMV hardware and biometric ID technology.

Unlike other kiosks that offer an adjustable screen, the Verona needs no physical effort beyond the push of a button, meaning that even the youngest or most frail patients can use the kiosk without assistance. In addition, because the mechanism is motorized and doesn’t require a swing arm, it retains a small footprint without intruding unnecessarily into walkways or space where another kiosk might be needed.  Olea’s experience in other verticals helped it keep the price point thousands less than other height-adjustable units.

Go here for more information on the Verona and other Olea healthcare kiosks.

Monte Carlo Gaming Kiosk
Olea submitted its new Monte Carlo Gaming Kiosk, which can be used by casinos for loyalty-program development, wayfinding, check-in/check-out and more. A unique upper-signage component can be used for promotions and advertising.

The kiosk’s small footprint enables placement virtually anywhere and makes it easy to re-position. Brilliant LED lighting can be programmed to display any of thousands of colors in myriad patterns, all remotely.
Olea has deployed gaming kiosks across the U.S. and in Macau and Singapore.

Go here for more information on the Monte Carlo Gaming Kiosk.

The JCDecaux cellphone-charging station is a dual-sided kiosk measuring 8 feet tall with 32-inch monitors on each side. Also on each side are four 110 AC outlets, three USB outlets, and two Qi pads for contact charging. The sides are 0.5-inch thick Plexiglas with RBG LED lights able to be set to airport colors or the brand standards of whichever advertiser has placement on the ad panels. They also can be programmed to flash.

JCDecaux Charging Station by Olea KiosksOlea engineered in breakers and a breaker bar and two 20-amp power inputs, one for the charging outlets and one for the digital components that make the kiosk work. Despite the number of components, JCDecaux was adamant that the kiosk be no more than 20 inches wide and 4 inches thick. No locking or securing mechanisms could be visible.
Go here for more information on the JCDecaux deployment and other kiosks Olea has deployed to benefit travelers across the U.S. and Canada.

“Our goal was to recognize innovation excellence in eight customer markets, and the competition succeeded in providing the basis for credible recognition,” said Elliot Maras, editor of
“In addition to giving recognition to the companies that deserve it, the Innovation Award provides standards of innovation for all kiosk companies to aspire to in a rapidly changing industry.”

“I’m so grateful for my team,” Olea said. “Everyone plays a role in this. Our sales people always have their ears to the ground, listening for trends and market needs. Our engineers are brilliant in overcoming any challenge we throw at them. Our designers know that it’s not enough for a kiosk to work great, it also has to look great. The staff in our factory who make each kiosk by hand are more committed to quality than any crew I’ve ever worked with.”

About Olea Kiosks
Olea Kiosks is a Los Angeles, Calif.-based designer and manufacturer of kiosks for multiple industries, including QSR and fast casual dining, healthcare, gaming and financial services. Now celebrating its 40th anniversary, the company builds “better kiosks through intelligent design” and serves clients across the globe.

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