The Increasing Demand for Order-Entry Kiosks

November 27, 2012

Order-entry kiosks are proving more popular in retail and restaurants settings as consumers often prefer the privacy and convenience that these kiosks offer. While these kiosks offer substantial benefits to the business owner, the growth in the usage of these devices has largely been driven by consumer demand. In recent years, there has been a profound shift in consumers’ desire to be in control of their transactions.
Today’s buyers often not only desire, but expect, a self-service option when it comes to their shopping experience. These digital kiosks offer a user-friendly interface that can be integrated with software that allows the user to search and compare products in addition to completing their transaction. In addition, order entry kiosks can be outfitted with Multilanguage capabilities that simplify and streamline the buying experience for foreign language customers.
It is also becoming more common that people prefer self-ordering in restaurants. With digital kiosks, clients have complete control over the ordering process which eliminates the potential for errors during the order-entry process.  In addition, with the automation of these digital kiosks, the wait time can be reduced by as much as 50%, allowing customer to receive their orders at a much faster rate.
Lastly, consumers often prefer the privacy that digital kiosks provide during their buying experience. Through self-service, the interaction needed from staff is reduced significantly for those who want privacy during the buying process. Because these devices can improve efficiency, offer a more full-featured buying experience, and can streamline staffing needs, the demand for these order-entry kiosks are sure to continue to grow in future years.