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We’re all familiar with the original financial services kiosk–the bank ATM, but today there are several different types of kiosks that support the finance industry.

Financial services kiosks enable users to pay bills, transfer cash, convert currency, or handle other financial transactions. The purpose behind these kiosks is to deliver convenience. 

And while many of these transactions can be completed online, an online application or website cannot accept cash or convert currency. With more and more people content to self-serve, consumers are happy to complete these tasks on their own. The want to be in control, they want a sense of security, and the ability to do it efficiently, on their own time, using their preferred means of tender.

Financial Services Kiosk Models

There are a host of financial services kiosks available today including the following:

  • Bill Payment Kiosks
  • Cash-Accepting Kiosks
  • Cash-to-Card Kiosks
  • Cryptocurrency ATM Kiosk

Depending on the functionality, these kiosks can come in a variety of forms and sizes including indoor, outdoor, and through-wall units. The format selected really depends on space available or footprint, function, level of security, and budget.

Bill Payment Kiosks

Healthcare Patient Check-In Kiosk

Bill payment kiosks can provide the ultimate convenience with 24/7 access for customers to pay quickly using cash, credit, or debit cards. These kiosks can be deployed with the ability to accept and dispense dollar bills and dispense coins to allow for the greatest flexibility with cash.

Olea offers a universal design Bill Payment Kiosk that is built to handle payments of any kind, anywhere. The enclosure is small and secure, making it easy to deploy in any unattended environment.

This type of kiosk is commonly used by Utility companies, Buy Here Pay Here and franchise auto dealerships, telecom services, and insurance offices.

Cash-Accepting Kiosks

Many consumers prefer to pay cash for certain lower dollar items like fast food and bus/train tickets. And for those without bank accounts and credit cards, the only way to pay is with cash.

Despite the growth in electronic payments, businesses, by law in many jurisdictions, still need to accept cash. Businesses want to provide that option, but they need to establish a more cost-effective way of doing so.

Cash-accepting kiosks provide the ability to streamline the collection of cash payments.

Cash-accepting kiosks are more operationally efficient because they:

  • Promote more convenient self-service options for all customers
  • Mitigate costly cash-handling 
  • Automate revenue management for staff across all payment types

In addition, with today’s labor force challenges, businesses are happy to use self-service kiosks to take orders and make change because they simply cannot hire staff. Shifting to self-service solution kiosks on-site allows the business to reallocate staff to wherever they are needed most.

Cash-accepting kiosks

These kiosks are frequently deployed by QSR/Food Ordering, bus/train transportation tickets, and movie theaters.

Cash-to-Card Kiosks

Since the pandemic, a number of venues have decided to go cashless.  It’s become a very common trend for stadiums, theme parks, and entertainment venues.

While it might have originally been motivated by the opportunity to limit the transfer of germs from cash, staffing challenges have continued to motivate venues to mitigate the costly handling of cash.

Cash-to-Card kiosks allow individuals to transfer cash to a card that can then be used at the venue. And in some cases, those cards can be used anywhere.

Cryptocurrency ATM Kiosk

Bitcoin ATM Kiosks

A cryptocurrency ATM is a stand-alone kiosk that allows individuals to buy or sell bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies from a terminal. These ATMs are connected to the internet and send and receive tokens to users’ digital wallets.

Desirable features for cryptocurrency ATMs include a relatively small footprint, multiple payment options, and a highly secure enclosure. Olea offers the Omaha Crypto ATM Kiosk.

With its industry-leading small footprint, the Omaha is the smallest Two-Way ATM available. Its modular nature allows it to be deployed as a One-Way ATM initially and upgraded to a Two-Way ATM in the field. A two-way crypto ATM lets you buy cryptocurrency with cash and sell it all in one ATM.

Crypto ATM kiosks are commonly found in airports, casinos, hotels, convenience stores, grocery stores, and large retail outlets including Walmart.

If you would like to learn more about how Olea Kiosks® can help you change the dynamic of dealing with cash with our self-service solutions, contact us today for a consultation.

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