The Benefits of Retail Kiosks

Olea Self-Service Retail Kiosk

The Benefits of Retail Kiosks

Few industries stand to gain more from self-service than retail. Learn how to get the most from retail kiosks, and how the deployment of the technology yields benefits on both sides of the counter.

Retail at a Glance: Market Size

  • 14 millions people in the U.S.A are employed in the retail industry
  • In 20012 one million stores opened which is an indication of the U.S.A economy
  • Two-thirds of GDP comes from retail
  • 4.7 trillion dollars in retail sales in 2011

Retail Kiosk Trends

  • Interactivity
  • Social/mobile tie-ins
  • Unique display technology

Retail Trends

  • Virtual floorspace
  • Mobile integration
  • Self-service technologies

“Retailers should consider adopting immersive shopping technologies as a path from traditional retailing to omnichannel shopping.” IDC Research

The Big Benefits of Retail Kiosk Deployment

  1. With traditional transaction models, only 10% of sales associate time is spent on sales and customer service.
  2. Retail kiosk transactions cost approximately 75% less than cashier transactions.
  3. The increased convenience offered by electronic kiosks enhances customer satisfaction.
  4. Self-service kiosks allow businesses to streamline staffing costs to quickly offset the initial investment.

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