Bill-Pay and Other Financial Kiosks

August 2, 2012

Bill Pay Kiosks are one of the fastest growing segments of the kiosk market next to retail. Many industries are just starting to realize that Bill Pay Kiosks can be a very effective way to offer convenience and efficiency to their cash paying customers. Financial Kiosks can be outfitted to work with cash, coin, check, credit, and debit transactions depending on the owner’s needs. Olea will work with you to define your needs and create a kiosk that’s ideal for your way of doing business.
Due to cost issues, some utilities have opted out of accepting checks and do not want to give back change because the cost of adding bill dispensers and coin dispensers. We work with them to customize a kiosk that only offers cash acceptors and credit /debit readers as payment options. So if a customer’s bill is $42.53 they would insert $43 dollars into the bill acceptor. They would then end up with a .43 cent credit on their account.
Financial institutions like Federal Credit Unions are using kiosks in their lobby to promote their online banking services. Customers can use these kiosks for applications such as applying for loans, transferring funds, and to check rates. This gives owners the opportunity to easily communicate and promote their products to their client base, while gaining profits due to the increased exposure of services.
Olea offers a complete suite of standard and custom kiosk solutions for Bill Pay Kiosks and Financial Kiosks built to suit your needs.