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Why the Government Is Investing in Self-Service Kiosk Machines

Infographic as a PDF: Self-Service Technology Government Investing Kiosks are increasingly being heralded as a technology through which the Federal Government, state governments and municipalities can engage with citizens and streamline many of their customer service functions. The Surge of Government Kiosk Systems In the early 1990s, government agencies that wanted to provide a self-service option for constituents chose kiosk systems to handle a variety of…

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Education Kiosks Bring Numerous Benefits to Academic Institutions

The use of interactive kiosks by educational institutions is on the rise and for good reason – they provide unparalleled access to information as well as a means for the school’s administration to communicate with the student body, faculty, alumni and visitors. The use of educational kiosks can provide a wealth of benefits including streamlining staff in customer service positions, increased accessibility to…

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How Can Information Kiosks Help Your Business?

Infographic as a PDF: How Information Kiosks Help Your Business Information Kiosks are changing the way companies and shoppers interact. What was once one-way communication is now a two-way dialogue thanks to the advent of information kiosks. 1) Information Kiosks by the Numbers The Information Kiosk industry has been growing at a 40 percent annual growth rate, and the prediction is that 22 million Information Kiosks will be…

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How Court Kiosks Help to Improve Efficiency

Governments looking to reduce operating costs and speed up transactions are now turning to court kiosks in massive numbers. Court kiosks have been around since the early 2000’s, but as we see a general rise in the acceptance of digital kiosks in other sectors, courthouses across the country are also starting to benefit from automated processes. Court Kiosks Can Assist with Basic Check-ins…

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Award-Winning Government Kiosks: Arizona Department of Transportation

Arizona’s Department of Transportation (ADOT) is proud to announce that it has received the 2014 Public Affairs and Consumer Education (PACE) award. This award was given as praise for ADOT’s self-service kiosk program that is being utilized in locations across the state. These kiosks improve efficiency and the customer experience by streamlining a variety of the ADOT processes such as vehicle registration and…

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Digital Signage on Campus

Infographic as a PDF: Digital Signage on Campus Digital Signage Kiosks for Education Education facilities have been slow to utilize the benefits of digital signage kiosks on campus. Although, according to a recent study, the technology’s reach is growing and beginning to show the impact it can have on students and schools. The Digital Campus Is Growing Fast! Growth of interactive flat panel displays in the…

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