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As we start to see the world open back up, it’s important to welcome employees and guests back safely.  Our partner, Greetly, offers a fully customizable visitor management system with temperature screening using our Irvine Kiosk.

Organizations can further their digital transformation in the reception area with this cloud-based visitor management system.  Visitors can check themselves in with an easy-to-use application on a kiosk or on their own smartphone.  Greeting visitors for meetings, deliveries and events is now easier than ever before.

When a guest finishes signing-in using the visitor sign-in app, Greetly will notify the individual their guest has arrived. 

With its simple back-end portal, an administrator can add custom graphics and create notifications to deliver an on-brand experience even before the guest arrives at your facility. 

Comprehensive Customization

Greetly has a full range of customizable check-in workflows that allow you to gather a range of data from visitors to streamline the check-in process.  It is possible to structure the welcome interface to suit your own specifications so Greetly becomes a trusted member of your team.

Touchless Temperature Screening

Greetly’s touchless visitor management system provides fully secure facility entry and exit(s) while helping to maintain a safe and hygienic work environment while reducing anxiety of both employees and guests.

Visitors are able to initiate and complete the check-in process using their own smartphones without having to download any additional apps or touch any third-party screens.

Employee screening can also be implemented using barcode, RFID and magstripe reader integrations.

Print Visitor Badges

Maintaining order and security is critical for any environment.  Day passes can be instantly printed, including the visitor’s details, photo and any other relevant information making it easy for everyone to address individuals by name.

Third-party Software Integration

Greetly integrates with a number of enterprise tools your organization already uses.  Integrations include Microsoft Teams, Active Directory, slack, G Suite, and several others. The platform also integrates with all well-known messaging systems and CRMs. 

Cloud-based Visitor Logbook

Keeping a record of all visitors is easy with Greetly.  You can search, sort, filter and download visitor information from any web browser using the web-based visitor management logbook. Greetly’s digital receptionist self-service kiosk solution manages visiting customers, vendors, interview candidates, deliveries, facility tours, scheduled entries and exists, and more. This modernization of office reception helps with workforce management and allows staff to focus on higher-value tasks. Greetly’s visitor management solutions are used by several well-known brands including DHL, the Dallas Cowboys, Office Evolution and Randstad.

If you’d like to learn more about Greetly’s Visitor Management System with Temperature Screening, click here.

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