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The business climate is always highly competitive and if you want to stay ahead of your competitors and optimize profits, then maximizing your use of technology and improving efficiency is critical. One way to maximize efficiency and optimize profit is through kiosk machines. We have seen in other articles how kiosk machines can influence consumer behavior, increase operational efficiency, and most importantly, increase profit. This article will address making the right choice in selecting a vendor once you have decided that an investment in digital kiosks is right for your organization.

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Kiosk Machines Explained

Kiosk machines are essentially computers that are built to be interactive and focus on a specific set of tasks, utilizing software and hardware that is extremely user-friendly and eye-catching. Most businesses and organizations rely on interactive kiosks to convey information to guests and to conduct business transactions without requiring live human help.

Industries such as hospitality, retail, and healthcare rely on electronic kiosk machines for a wide variety of processes. These might include wayfinding kiosks, patient check-in kiosks, self-service check-out kiosks for retail, and even hospitality kiosks that can check-in and check-out guests at a hotel. But, the potential uses for kiosk machine does not stop there. Nearly every process that a business wants to automate can be recreated with a kiosk machine.

Choosing a Manufacturer for Your Kiosk Machine

Interactive kiosks machines come in both “in-stock” and “custom” variations. Those wanting a quick, cost-effective solution to address standard applications can rely on the proven accessibility and quality of an in-stock kiosk machine. Customers can also specialize a custom kiosk to meet a variety of needs – imagination is limitless.

Nonetheless, when selecting a kiosk for your project, the number one thing to consider is quality. If used correctly, kiosks should be a focal point at your business or organization. Over time the kiosks will process a large number of transactions and accommodate a large number of guests. This said, investing in a kiosk machine that will be able to withstand the test of time is critical in ensuring optimal ROI on your investment.

When looking for a potential kiosk manufacturer be sure to verify that the manufacturer has a long track record of quality and success. Seeing that a particular manufacturer has deployed numerous projects with repeat customers indicates that the manufacturer has a strong relationship and likely indicates that the manufacturer delivers a quality product and excellent customer service. One way to see firsthand the quality of a manufacturer’s product is to visit a location in which the manufacturer has installed kiosks. You might be able to locate an installation by either contacting the manufacturer or reading press releases and other news.

Once you establish that the kiosk manufacturer will meet your demands for quality, the next step is to begin selecting components for your interactive kiosk machines. Popular choices include heavy-duty keyboards, roller ball mice, card readers, printers, and multi-touch screens. In this step, you want to make sure that the manufacturer you have in mind can deliver the components you want. The top kiosk manufacturers will meet with you to review your high-level specifications and provide direction on the available components and hardware that can make your kiosk implementation a success.

Lastly, it is important to verify that the kiosk manufacturer offers a strong warranty. You want to ensure that your investment will live out its full life and provide maximum ROI. A manufacturer’s warranty is critical. After-sale service that is quick is also a key concern, so it is worthwhile to verify that the manufacturer offers an after-sale service plan.

Follow this checklist to make sure you select the right kiosk machine manufacturer:

  1. Inspect their quality and verify customer success stories.
  2. Determine which features your project will require and make sure your kiosk manufacturer can deliver those components.
  3. Make sure you kiosk manufacturer offers a competitive warranty and commitment to after-sales service.

Olea Kiosks has been building award-winning interactive kiosks for over 40 years. Contact Olea today to find out how we can take your vision for a kiosk machine and make it your reality!

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