The Benefits of Multi-Touch Screen Kiosks


Multi-touch touch screen kiosks recognize the presence of multiple points of finger contact with the kiosk’s interface surface, thus speeding and simplifying the user’s interaction. This multi-point interactivity enables advanced functions such as pinch-to-zoom, fast-scrolling, and intuitive gesturing commands, all of which allow for quicker, more intuitive interaction between kiosk users and the host organization.

The benefits & advantages of multi-touch touch screen kiosks

Multi-touch kiosk technologies focus on enhancing the user experience, supporting a more informed, engaging and effective transaction experience. And perhaps the most important benefits of multi-touch kiosks are that they boost retail sales results and greatly enhance user satisfaction.

Multi-touch kiosks let consumers interact with retail, healthcare and other types of organizations with the same intuitive ease that users already encounter with other media devices such as smartphones and tablets. By mimicking the smartphone interface, multi-touch kiosks ride the wave of today’s hugely successful hand-held digital devices.

Olea Multi-Touch Kiosks

Users interact with multi-touch kiosks by gesturing instead of pushing buttons

Unlike the limited interface provided by the previous generation of touchscreen technologies, today’s multi-touch touch screens rely on users’ gestures to eliminate the need for large buttons and cluttered user interfaces. Users move intuitively through dynamic content and quickly complete their transactions.

The new projected capacitive technology found in leading multi-touch kiosk designs allows users to interact with kiosks just as they do with their smartphones – they can swipe across the screen to turn pages, or scroll through the kiosk’s service options by drawing circles with their fingers. Users can even “pinch” elements on the screen to magnify the object.  This capability frees users from the clutter of next-page icons, zoom buttons and scroll bars. The enhanced user experience helps organizations better serve their customers, especially in retail marketing, healthcare and way-finding applications.

Multi-touch kiosks offer cleaner, more-durable surfaces

The new generation of multi-touch kiosks offers designs with smoother, cleaner surfaces. Older touchscreen kiosks typically use a screen surrounded by a bezel, which tends to trap dirt and food residue, especially in retail locations. In contrast, today’s multi-touch kiosk technologies allow the screens to be embedded into walls or countertops, and this flush-mounting makes it easy to keep to keep the surface clean. And, these multi-touch screens are more durable – they continue to function even under harsh conditions.

Best of all, the technology allows multiple screens to be installed as a group. In retail environments, multi-touch kiosk screens allow an especially rich presentation through interactive video. Larger amounts of content can be tiled together into a single display, and there’s no bezel to interrupt the visual continuity of the display surface.

Multi-touch kiosks offer multi-user interactivity

Multi-touch screens allow multiple users to touch and interact through the same screen. In effect, each kiosk can support multiple independent, interactive screen regions. As a result, there are endless possibilities for amusement-game applications and way-finding applications.

In summary, it can be said that multi-touch kiosks offer the best of both worlds – they save time, money and labor for the organizations that deploy them, while also providing users with a highly personalized experience which increases sales and improves the overall user experience. To learn more about the benefits of multi-touch kiosks, contact Olea Kiosks today.

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