The Details Behind the Geneva Kiosk Design

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Frost Science Geneva Kiosk

The Geneva Kiosk is quickly becoming one of our most popular models. Built for high volume, upscale hospitality, and entertainment, the unit is perfectly proportioned for attractions, indoor and out. In addition to its pleasing aesthetics, it’s also a functional workhorse.

While many industries including hospitality and healthcare deal with staffing challenges, they are looking to self-service kiosks to supplement their human resources and reallocating the staff they do have to the most important tasks.

When the Geneva was created, it was done so with industry-specific goals. Olea recognized there was a gap in the Amusement Park space for a Kiosk that could function both indoors and outdoors and serve the purposes of ticketing and food ordering. It was time to acknowledge that food ordering was coming quickly to the world of theme parks–just as it had for fast food restaurants.

Screen Size

Olea decided to go with a high bright 27” LCD screen. 22” screens are very common in food ordering with McDonald’s being the exception. Many will argue that while the McDonald’s Kiosks look very nice with a large screen, the user interface on such a large screen is problematic. Users tend to stand very close, within less than a fully extended arms reach. A large screen causes people to move their head too much to see the entire user interface. The McDonald’s screen is 32”, just a few inches larger than the 27” that Olea chose to standardize on.

With respect to the screen size, it was also important to us to fill out the face of the unit. Going from the common 22” to the 27” delivers just enough additional real estate, especially in an outdoor environment, so it will get more attention.

The Geneva Kiosk is designed as a very compact model that can hold a myriad of hardware and allow the LCD screen to appear to be the much larger 32”. We know that the 27” is the optimal size for ticketing and food ordering and keeps the overall footprint of the kiosk compact so that they can be lined-up side-by-side to create ordering destinations both indoor and out.

The Geneva also features a very generous flat surface on the face to allow for high-quality vibrant graphics to be adhered to the kiosk to make it really stand out. Consumers have less than 2 seconds to see the kiosk and understand that it is there to serve them. The large static graphics will ensure this 100% of the time.

Payment Devices

There are various payment options available for the Geneva model.  There is also flexibility in positioning of the payment device as it can be installed below the monitor or as a side component.

Optional Components

The component cavity can hold both a ticket printer and a receipt printer.  There is also flexibility to handle a wristband printer along with an ID scanner.  Other components that could be deployed include an HD web camera and/or a room key dispenser/encoder.

Upper Signage Panel

The upper signage panel allows for easy and purposeful communication with users.  Add a graphic that tells users what it does—Ticket Sales, Food Ordering, etc.  The signage panel was designed with the open gap to help expedite manufacturing time and hold the costs while delivering an attractive look and feel.

Day Passes Kiosk


The back of the kiosk is angled to assimilate less depth and make the model look a lot smaller, especially from the front.  The top is angled to keep water from collecting on the unit. And the AC system is embedded so it doesn’t stick out from the back of the unit should it need to be placed in the open or away from a wall. You can find the specifications and more information on the Geneva here.

Geneva Kiosk Maintenance


Another reason the Geneva was created as an indoor/outdoor food and ticket machine was for ease of service and maintenance. Standardizing on one kiosk model from one vendor makes the long-term maintenance a breeze for the service team.

This ultra-versatile, high-performance solution was built with a flexible component cavity designed to accommodate the necessary technology to deliver the ultimate guest experience.

If you’d like to learn more about using the Geneva Kiosk for your venue, contact us for more information.

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