Temperature Screening Kiosk

Conducting temperature checks on employees and visitors has become commonplace for many businesses, hospitals, grocery stores, retailers and a host of others. Temperature screening kiosks can help stem a crisis and optimize a return to business as employees and guests return to work and entertainment venues.

Irvine Freestanding LS Thermal Kiosk

How It Works

The Temperature Screening Kiosk is equipped with an infrared temperature sensor/detector and the system provides an alert if an individual has an elevated body temperature. The system uses an algorithm for fast detection temperature accuracy.

"For a dental office, it is extremely important to maintain a clean and safe environment not only for the patients but more importantly, for the staff.  The temperature-sensing kiosk has become an indispensable tool to easily, quickly, and accurately measure patients’ and staff’s temperatures. Of all the equipment I’ve had to acquire and add to the office in preparation of reopening, the temperature-sensing kiosk has been my best investment."

-Julian W. Chen, DDS
Santa Monica, CA

Temperature Screening Kiosks at Office

The Benefits

The Temperature Screening Kiosk provides a number of benefits to allow businesses to protect their most valued assets–their employees.

  • Reduce risk of access by infected persons*
  • Maintain a safe work/business environment
  • More hygienic than thermometers that require physical contact
  • Safer and more efficient than using a human resource to screen temperatures
  • Reduce stress and anxiety for employees and guests.

Prevention is the Key

There are many activities happening simultaneously to ensure a safe work environment.  The Temperature Screening Kiosk reduces the risk of infection to your employees and costly and time-consuming contamination clean-up efforts.  Give employees and visitors the confidence to know you’re doing all you can do to protect them.

Irvine Desktop LS Thermal

"The set-up was literally the best “plug-n-play” purchase I’ve ever made. Thank you and OLEA for paying attention to the fine details to make the set-up so simple."

Three Rivers Manufacturers' Association

Product Details

This device meets FDA guidelines for non-medical screening purposes.

*This solution is designed to detect temperature abnormalities. The IR sensor in the kiosk is measuring the skin surface temperature. There are many factors, including environmental and physiological that can impact a person’s surface temperature reading. Skin surface temperature vs. actual core body temperature may differ either way.  This temperature screening solution must be operated in accordance with the manufacturer’s user guide. It is not intended nor designed to diagnose or detect medical conditions including, but not limited to, viruses or other illnesses. It should only be used to detect variations in surface temperature. If an elevated skin temperature is detected, the subject should be advised to check temperature with an approved medical thermometer as measurement confirmation. Absence of an elevated skin temperature does not preclude a fever.  Medical testing is necessary to determine presence or absence of infectious disease. This is not an approved FDA medical device.

**The IR sensor has been calibrated with a thermal black body at the factory. When the sensor activates, it takes 2-3 minutes to auto-calibrate to reach thermal stability. The IR sensor will auto-calibrate upon system boot-up.

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