Squeezebox Architecture

Today a press release from Portuguese office AND-RÉ about their new BIOMED Research Center in Coimbra landed in my inbox. Here’s a view of the design:

The renderings reminded me of a project from Trahan Architects, the River Center Library (2010):

These designs are what I’m calling Squeezeboxes. Unlike exteriors that are serrated in one direction (here’s an example), these work in two directions: angling towards the corners at top and pinched near the middle in the above. Another project, 11-19 Monument Street by Make Architects (2006), is oriented vertically, but the same angular lines are apparent.

Of course, calling something a Squeezebox begs movement. Perhaps the Tango series by Victor Enrich, which implies movement through various images, could someday be a reality. The architecture may be mundane, but the imagined transformation is much more radical than the above buildings…though it’s more Slinky than Squeezebox.

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