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Healthcare by Kiosk Promises to Improve Access, Lower Costs, Part II

As market forces drive telehealth to the headlines, kiosks can play a vital role in its adoption. In Part I (read it here), we examined the economic climate that has proved conducive to the development of telehealth as a new model of healthcare. Here, we explore deployment of the model via self-service kiosk. Open wideRead More

Telehealth Kiosks to Improve Access, Costs, Part I

By delivering services where consumers live and work, telehealth providers eye a new, more efficient channel for medical care. No matter what a person’s political persuasion may be, there’s one thing on which nearly everyone can agree: Healthcare costs continue to rise despite efforts to rein them in. Fortunately, telehealth and self-service kiosks can offerRead More

Traci Martin, Olea’s Director of Vertical Markets, Enters Kiosk Hall of Fame

Lightning, it appears, can strike twice. The Kiosk Industry Association has announced that Traci Martin, director of vertical markets for Olea Kiosks, will be inducted into the group’s prestigious Kiosk Hall of Fame, becoming the company’s second executive to receive the mantle. Inductees are nominated by their peers as a way to recognize the honorees’Read More

5 Ways Kiosks Rock the World of Ticketing

Certain interactions are a natural fit when it comes to pairing the modern consumer with kiosks and other forms of self-service technology. The case has long been made for kiosks at airports and grocery stores, for example. Another obvious marriage is that between the ATM and the person who suddenly finds herself in need ofRead More

Kiosks and Security: How Prepared Are You?

In preparation for a story on, editor Elliot Maras submitted several questions to Olea Kiosks about kiosks and the issue of anti-hacking security. He gave us permission to share our full answers, which are published below. What are the biggest hacking threats to self-serve kiosks? Several come to mind. Running an obsolete operating systemRead More

Travel Kiosks: Paving a Path to Higher Profits

What can 30 squats get you at a kiosk in Moscow? The answer is just one more way self-service continues to change the travel experience for the better. This infographic provides the details.

5 Ways Healthcare Kiosks Are Coming to the Aid of Healthcare

In the past couple of years, the healthcare industry has grown to a total value of over $3 trillion. While revenues are up with millions of additional people seeking treatment, the influx of new patients is putting a strain on efficiency for many medical providers.According to one report, better utilization of self-service technologies and the digitization of medical records can help medical organizations gain billions of revenue dollars over the next decade. As a result, many innovative healthcare administrators are turning to healthcare kiosks to help accelerate the transition toward stronger security, greater efficiency and higher patient satisfaction.

Why Restaurant Kiosks Work for Customers and Owners

Happy days for Happy Meals are here again.In fact, not only is McDonald’s rebounding nicely, the news is good for competitors as well. One report predicts QSR and fast casual brands combined will super-size by 5 percent compared to last year’s numbers, ringing up a juicy $233 billion in sales in 2017. As CEOs exhale a sigh of relief and let their belts out a notch, many are turning to self-service restaurant kiosks to help sustain the growth, trying to satisfy the growing customer appetite for digital, customizable and efficient service.

Digital Signage Expo 2017: Two Roads Converging

The following perspective on DSE 2017 was written by Craig Keefner, a manager at Olea Kiosks and the founder of the Kiosk Industry Group. I have been in the kiosk industry for 25 years, and over that quarter of a century I’ve attended more than my fair share of tradeshows and other events. Most ofRead More

The Top Three Trends in Self-Service Banking

To secure a larger market share, financial industry leaders are searching for new ways to build brand identity and educate potential customers about their latest offerings. In an annual survey of 760 financial institutions, 54 percent of respondents said the most important focus for 2017 was to make the customer journey easier and more straightforward.Read More

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