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Excellent guest service has long been a hallmark of a successful casino brand, and as the industry continues to grapple with increased competition among casinos and a changing demography, it is now more important than ever for high standards to be met and challenged. While it’s true that guests still visit their first-rate golf courses, luxurious spa treatments and chic restaurants managed by celebrity chefs, gaming floors are not quite so popular as they were even a few short years ago. That means the most progressive establishments are re-imagining their loyalty programs to maintain as much gaming activity as possible.

The Industry Has Doubled Down on Non-Gaming Activities

Monte Carlo Gaming Kiosk - Casino Loyalty Program Kiosk
The evolution of casino loyalty programs coupled with the rising demand for self-service has been a major boon to casino operators that have led the way in responding to a dramatic shift in how revenue is generated throughout the industry.

Up until the 1990s, gaming was responsible for almost 60 percent of a casino’s profits, and non-gaming offerings such as live entertainment, extravagant pools and lavish cocktails were mostly important for the purpose of promoting more gambling. As gaming centers worldwide matured into renowned cultural meccas as opposed to places merely to gamble and indulge, casino operators today see quite the opposite landscape; according to one study, almost 65 percent of revenue comes from non-gaming activities.

In order to promote the new surge of non-gaming activities as well as combat waning gambling revenue, many casinos have revamped their loyalty programs to take advantage of the renaissance of guest relations, and through highly configurable digital kiosks, a new generation of customers that prefers a dynamic digital experience can quickly and easily sign up for improved benefits that allow them to collect rewards for virtually all entertainment, dining and lodging experiences.

The gamble on enhanced loyalty programs is paying off, too. One major casino brand that’s famous for its world-class customer service generates $6.4 billion annually from its loyalty program alone, which amounts to a whopping 80 percent of its gaming revenue. Plus, the program is so effective in communicating promotions to its members that it was able to cut traditional advertising budgets by over 50 percent.

Your Ace in the Hole: Casino Loyalty Program Kiosks

As brands continue to rethink their loyalty program strategy to help increase revenue through repeat business, self-service kiosks have become an attractive option to help brands communicate with members effectively and efficiently.

Milan Digital Kiosk - Grand Canal Shoppes
Sleek, American-made casino loyalty program kiosks with highly intuitive user interfaces are a natural fit among the alluring glitz of the casino floor, and make it easy for customers to keep track of and redeem rewards benefits. Plus, many casino self-service kiosks now feature state-of-the-art card printers that offer establishments the ability to distribute multiple types of cards for tiered programs, and can be easily configured to assist loyalty program members in searching for a wide-variety of dining and entertainment options. Loyalty kiosks can even help casino operators promote underused amenities through stunning, yet unobtrusive digital signage. For example, Olea’s new Monte Carlo kiosk incorporates a second digital screen that can be used to market activities, restaurants, shops and more. Even while a guest is using the kiosk, this upper panel can continue to engage passing foot traffic.

Along with helping establishments promote non-gaming activities, casino loyalty program kiosks also give brands the opportunity to create an immersive self-service experience that includes easy check-in and check-out for hotel guests as well as a bevy of virtual concierge solutions in the event traditional customer service employees are unavailable.

For sprawling casino resorts, digital kiosks also feature pinpoint-accurate wayfinding capabilities that can help guests navigate quickly to and from each amenity. A recent study found that over three-fourths of smartphone-savvy users would rather use an interactive kiosk for wayfinding than use their phone. The integration of wayfinding capabilities into a loyalty kiosk also facilitates participation in loyalty programs as a kiosk can simultaneously direct a user to their desired amenity while also promoting discounts and vouchers that would be available to them through the loyalty program, thereby further stimulating loyalty program interest and signups through the kiosk.

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Many casinos are seeing big profits by promoting their world-class non-gaming activities through casino loyalty program kiosks. Are you ready to take your loyalty program to the next level? Olea’s gaming kiosks are found in premier casinos all the way from Las Vegas to Macau. Contact us today to find out how our award-winning kiosks can help you effectively engage customers through your innovative loyalty program.

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