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Custom Digital Kiosks at the Space Needle

Seattle’s iconic Space Needle recently received a major upgrade with a set of new custom digital kiosks. The main attraction is an 8-foot tall by 20-foot wide interactive touchscreen called “SkyPad”. The interactive experience is a journey through “52 years of sunsets, celebrations, history, and imagination” according to the Space Needle’s website. Visitors can interact with this colossal custom digital kiosk screen in…

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Digital Signage on Campus

Infographic as a PDF: Digital Signage on Campus Digital Signage Kiosks for Education Education facilities have been slow to utilize the benefits of digital signage kiosks on campus. Although, according to a recent study, the technology’s reach is growing and beginning to show the impact it can have on students and schools. The Digital Campus Is Growing Fast! Growth of interactive flat panel displays in the…

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The Art and Science of Successful Kiosk Design

Successful kiosk design is both an art and a science, with the best-designed kiosks leveraging appealing esthetic design practices together with the latest technologies. Well-designed kiosks are simple, durable, engaging and empowering. Overall, successful kiosk design creates a compelling package that rewards users and host organizations alike. Simplicity & ease of navigation In terms of successful kiosk design, simplicity is the key. Simplicity…

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Automated Passport Solutions Kiosks

Olea Kiosks has launched an automated customs kiosk for airports and international transportation hubs. The Automated Passport Solution (APS) is a customs kiosk that will streamline the way passengers enter the airport or other international hubs and get cleared by customs in remarkable time. The APS customs kiosk will make its debut at Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) airport. Thirty such kiosks will be deployed…

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Manufacturing Digital Kiosks for the Future

Olea Kiosks has been manufacturing digital kiosk machines for over three generations for customers around the globe. The company mantra has always been “better kiosks through intelligent design” and that mantra continues to drive the company forward and guide decision-making after three generations of success. As part of the campaign to strive for intelligent design, Olea Kiosks recently in-sourced some of its manufacturing…

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Donation and Giving Kiosks

Kiosks are a fun, innovative and creative way to collect donations and brand your charity. Olea Kiosks creates custom Donation Kiosk Machines that will at the very least stop people in their tracks. Our design engineers are sharp, experienced, and know what it takes to craft a kiosk that gets attention. Giving kiosks and donation kiosks are becoming more and more popular and…

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