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How Kiosks Are Revolutionizing Industries

Infographic as a PDF: How Kiosks are Revolutionizing Industries As technology keeps improving, it allows us to become more and more efficient. And with the onset of kiosks, a wide variety of industries are taking advantage of new technologies. The following data illustrates how kiosks are revolutionizing industries. Healthcare Industry Healthcare and Medical Kiosks make medical training easier with all the helpful educational apps offered…

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How Healthcare Kiosks Are Changing the Healthcare Industry

Next generation healthcare kiosk systems are quickly disrupting the healthcare industry in a very positive way. The healthcare industry has undergone an abundance of recent changes as a result of the Affordable Care Act. Many of these changes impact customer service because they have an impact on billing. The emergence of healthcare kiosks can help address these challenges by providing streamlined customer service….

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2013 Epic UGM Show Recap

Olea Kiosks Inc. recently attended the 2013 Epic User Group Meeting in Verona, Wisconsin.  The event saw an estimated 8,500 healthcare professionals on-hand for a variety of presentations and peer-to-peer educational sessions. The conference gave Olea a great opportunity to showcase some of our latest innovative implementations of the Epic Welcome software with our healthcare kiosks.  Both the Epic Welcome software and our…

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What Are Multi-Touch Kiosks?

Most of us in today’s world of high-tech personal devices are very familiar with the touch screen. Mobile phones, tablets, and even laptop computers come equipped with touchscreens. Many of us probably even take them for granted. But a multi-touch kiosk is a newer technology that allows for multiple points of contact on the screen that can control simultaneous movements. Instead of being…

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Healthcare Kiosks

Full Infographic Image: Healthcare Kiosks Healthcare Kiosks 80% of internet users have searched online for information about specific health topics. $11 million in revenue: major healthcare organization increased their revenue by an astounding $11 Million through the use of self-service systems. 86% of firms polled across all industries will be spending more on self-service technology in 5 years. Benefits of healthcare self-service kiosks as…

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Medical Kiosks: The Next Generation’s Doctor’s Office

The need for efficient healthcare service continues to grow, especially as the total volume of patients increases. This creates the ideal role for medical kiosks. For years, these types of kiosks have streamlined many of the applications associated with hospital and medical visits. By automating many of these interactions, more efficient healthcare service is available to patients through 24/7 accessibility. The following are a…

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