Musings on Quality

November 1, 2012

The other day we nearly had a major catastrophe on the factory floor. One of our forklifts apparently began to leak oil and caught on fire while one of our guys was driving it. Thankfully he’s quick on his feet and drove the lift outside onto the dock and grabbed the nearest fire extinguisher and put it out. After going out there to see the lift and assess the damage it got me thinking about this particular forklift and how old it actually was. I can remember growing up here at the company this particular forklift had always been here. I did a little investigating and it turns out the lift is almost as old as I am. My family bought it used back in 1983!
Olea Kiosk Manufacturing Facility
Like a lot of other tools and equipment around here you know what machines are built to last and what isn’t. We have a band saw from the 40’s and a table saw from the 50’s. Of course mixed in are all sorts of other machines both brand new and slightly used. One thing I learned from my father and grandfather growing up here is that quality machines are built to last, always have value, and will make your money back tenfold.
Every time we set out to create a new kiosk I think of those sorts of things. The people that are buying from Olea are doing so because they believe we’re going to produce a quality product that will last beyond the normal life expectancy of a computer. They also expect that it will run without issue and give them an ROI.
Every so often I have the pleasure to talk with a customer that owns one of our older kiosks. I’m always pleased to hear that the machines are still working in the field and that the customer couldn’t be happier. Recently a client with a nearly 8 year old kiosk lost his keys and had to call to get new ones.
Better Kiosks Through Intelligent Design to me is not just a mantra but a way of life for us. From the equipment I buy to manufacture the Kiosks that we sell to the hardware we choose to put in those kiosks. It’s all got to be the best for our customers so they too can have equipment that stretches well into the future.