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Hotel Kiosks Help Secure Guest Comfort

When people travel, they’re rightfully wary of unfamiliar physical surroundings. What they often lose sight of, however, is the need to remain vigilant concerning digital threats. Hotels and resorts can protect their guests from ID theft and other online mischief with kiosks. This infographic shows how.

Healthcare Kiosks: Your Rx for Keeping Patient Records Safe

Throughout medical history, physicians have followed the ethical guidelines of the Hippocratic oath, which includes the solemn promise to keep patient information strictly confidential. This commitment to privacy has become tougher as healthcare providers have begun to modernize through digitization, and healthcare kiosks can play a key role in helping IT departments keep sensitive informationRead More

Kiosks and the Emergence of the Smarter City

People are returning to cities in such large numbers, the 2010s are being called the ‘decade of the city.’ In this Olea exclusive white paper, we look at how self-service kiosks and digital signage are helping officials make it easier for them to travel, find their way around and even keep one another safe. Download “KiosksRead More

Bet on Kiosks as Part of Your Enhanced Casino Loyalty Program

Excellent guest service has long been a hallmark of a successful casino brand, and as the industry continues to grapple with increased competition among casinos and a changing demography, it is now more important than ever for high standards to be met and challenged. While it’s true that guests still visit their first-rate golf courses,Read More

Retail Kiosks: A One-Stop Shop for Business Benefits

As brick and mortar retail stores throughout the world increasingly find themselves competing with ecommerce vendors for product sales, it’s more important than ever for them to win over walk-in customers. In order to help maximize revenue generated from foot traffic, many retail store owners are boosting their customer bases and scoring repeat business byRead More

Your Kiosk Project Part IV: How Not to Screw It Up

This is the fourth and final part of Olea Kiosks’ series on how to advocate for and begin the successful rollout of a kiosk project. Having covered how to recruit the support of executives, IT departments and staff generally, this post assumes you have the green light to deploy and offers tips to make sureRead More

Lead Generation Kiosks: The Automated Sales Assistant

Sales is all about finding leads, courting a potential customer and then closing the deal. In a recent survey of 4,500 marketing and sales professionals, 65 percent named their top challenge as finding high quality leads, specifically contact information for possible clients. To combat this challenge, many forward-thinking sales managers are utilizing digital kiosks placedRead More

Micromarket Kiosks: Providing Fast, Fresh & Convenient Eating Options

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Gaming Kiosks

Olea has provided kiosks to casinos all across the world, helping gaming facilities retain new and existing players and grow revenue with loyalty program management and other self-service applications. Our newest gaming kiosk, Monte Carlo, debuted in October 2016. To learn more about how kiosks can help casinos and other businesses that depend on customerRead More

HR Gives Kiosks a Great Performance Review

Among all corporate departments, arguably none has experienced the modern expansion and increased complexity of duties such as those faced by the good folks down in human resources. While most employees can guess a few of their roles or recall them from experience, the array of modern HR responsibilities is much broader than payroll, insuranceRead More

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