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Digital Signage Kiosks for Education

Education facilities have been slow to utilize the benefits of digital signage kiosks on campus. Although, according to a recent study, the technology’s reach is growing and beginning to show the impact it can have on students and schools.

The Digital Campus Is Growing Fast!

Growth of interactive flat panel displays in the education market:

  • 22% Worldwide
  • 47% U.S.A

Interactive touch-screen displays are popping up everywhere on college campuses! They’re great for keeping students, faculty and staff educated, informed and entertained.

  • Global spending on IT hardware in education, from interactive whiteboards to digital signage displays to tablets, is expected to double by 2015.
  • 2,200 North American campuses expected to deploy digital signage systems in 2011 up from 1,500 in 2010.
  • 13,200 number of Digital displays expected to be deployed by North American campuses in 2011. Up from 8,400 in 2010.

Emergency Notifications

Digital signage networks are increasingly used to comply with Clery Act mandates for campus-wide emergency alert systems.

  • 20% of schools use digital signage for mass notification.
  • 31% of schools plan to deploy digital signage for mass notification.

It isn’t Optional, it’s Essential

Overwhelmingly, educators have faith in educational technologies, and there is a growing demand for digital signage in the classroom:

  • 86% of educators think it’s ‘important’ or absolutely essential to use digital signage in the classroom
  • 87% of educators believe digital signage help students collaborate
  • 89% of educators think digital signage improve student class registration
  • 95% of educators believe digital signage enables personalized learning



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