Healthcare Kiosks Improve the Check-In Process

The most critical parts of any trip to a healthcare provider are the treatment and the check-in process that puts the patient in queue to be seen.

Often, those needing to see a doctor or undergo tests are ill or in a state of stress in anticipation of the exam or procedure. That means the check-in process should be as non-taxing and simple as possible.

Olea Healthcare Kiosks can help. By streamlining the path to be seen by the healthcare professionals and providing a variety of related services all in one place, the patient can quickly dispense with the mechanics of the visit and prepare to be treated.

  • Patients or their caregivers enter basic information on a touchscreen
  • Co-payments can be collected at the kiosk, or current balances remunerated
  • Printers can dispense maps to help guide patients inside today’s large, multi-practice facilities
  • Scanners can reader driver’s licenses and insurance cards
  • All the while, staff who are no longer responsible for checking in patients can provide other services to further enrich or expedite the entire experience of their visit

A visit to a healthcare professional is stressful enough. The simplest part of the visit should remain just that: simple.

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