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Growth of Kiosks in the Hospitality Industry

Hotel managers who were surveyed in 2011-2012 said touchscreen technology helps hotels improve communication with customers and operational efficiency. Here are some facts about hospitality kiosks.

What’s Driving Kiosks Adoption in Hotels?

  • 92% Customer service
  • 35% Competitive differentiation
  • 67% Operational Efficiency
  • 29% Increase revenue/up-selling opportunities

Top Applications for Hotel Kiosks

  • 81% Check-in, check-out, and room selection
  • 56% Maps, directions and area information

3 Most Common Features of Hotel Kiosks

  • 31% Internet information/access
  • 40% Loyalty program for sign up/account access
  • 21% Food and beverage ordering

What’s Driving Kiosk Implementations in Quick Service Restaurants?

  • 71% Customer service
  • 67% Operational efficiency
  • 36% Competitive differentiation

Kiosk Deployment Plans in Hotels

  • 19% Will consider deployment in 2+ years
  • 13% Will deploy in 1 to 2 years
  • 9% Will deploy within 12 months
  • 16% Already deployed
  • 43% No deployment plans

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