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Internet Kiosks

Kiosks are made up of more than just metal, computers and peripheral devices, get the most out of an Internet Kiosk with wise software decisions.

The Savvy Traveler

Access to a secured self-service Internet connection is something most travelers expect from the hotels they choose. In fact, access to the Internet can be a consumer’s deciding factor; it can shape the customer-service experience not only at a hotel but an airline, apartment complex, healthcare facility and other service-oriented businesses.

Technology Budgets in the Lodging Industry

Average budget for a single location:

  • $400,000 Luxury
  • $250,000 Midscale
  • $123,000 Economy

Where IT Dollars are Spent

  • 19.7% Guest room technology
  • 18.9% Property management system
  • 10.1% Customer relationship management

Pay For Use Internet Kiosk Solution

  • Accept credit cards
  • Secured OS
  • Secured browsing
  • “Hands-off” solution
  • Content filtering
  • Access popular apps
  • Energy efficient
  • 24/7 Uptime

Guest Room HSIA: Free or For a Fee?

Currently, 55% of Hotels – the Bulk of the Industry – Provide High Speed Internet Access (HSIA) at no additional cost beyond room rate.

  • 44.9% Free to guests
  • 19.8% Flat fee
  • 11.0% Tiered (no free level)
  • 14.3 Tiered with free level

What Hotels Are Using and Plan to Use

  • 59.6% Of hotels currently have a mobile website
  • 33.7% Of hotels will allow check-in on guest’s mobile devices within 1 year
  • 23.6% Of hotels currently use Kiosks
  • 22.5% Of hotels will develop a mobile app within 1 year

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