Video: Kiosk Information Site Chats with Olea about Retail Kiosk

Kiosk information site, Kiosk Market Place, catches up with Rob at CETW about the new self service system for retail that debuted in San Francisco. Quality, style, function, and lower cost are the focus of this design to meet required needs and concerns of customers. As well as the growing demands of businesses looking for kiosk services like endless aisle, loyalty, order entry, ticketing, and bill pay.

Watch & see the kiosk here.

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About Frank Olea

Frank Olea is the CEO and co-owner of Olea Kiosks, Inc., a manufacturer of Interactive and Self-Service Kiosk terminals. For more than 35 years Olea has constantly defined itself as the go to company for beautifully designed products. Olea Kiosks are created under our mantra “Better Kiosks Through Intelligent Design”. Olea’s focus on design has garnered the company many awards. Olea creates Kiosks for just about every application and has special focus in the Healthcare, Gaming, Wayfinding, Retail, and Financial markets. In addition to award winning custom kiosk design and manufacturing Olea also offers a full line of sleek off the shelf kiosks that can be configured to order and shipped in as little as two weeks. You can also find Frank on Google+.

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