Trends in Travel Kiosks, Passenger Experience & Airports

Olea Automated Passport Solution

Airport Travel Kiosks

With global travel on the upswing, airports are evermore congested and international hubs are increasingly congested as demands grow on customs clearances. An Automated Passport Solution (APS), is an airport travel kiosk for airport security that has the potential to greatly reduce the burden brought by busier airports.

Travel Industry Statistics

  • In 2012, international tourism reached 1 Billion in total tourist arrivals worldwide
  • 87% of travelers used the internet for the bulk of their travel planning.
  • 62% at least researched an upcoming trip on the internet
  • Over 50% of airports/airlines have plans to implement transfer and self-boarding kiosks
  • By 2015 ovver half the airlines and airports will have implemented new self-service capabilities

Airport IT Global Trends

By 2015, the majority of worldwide airports will have invested in business intelligence to improve customer service/passenger relationship management, IT decision making and identify new business opportunities.

  • From 2010 -2013: +12% (CAGR) in IT spend compared to revenue growth of only 2.8% over the same period.
  • In 2013: 5.43% planned IT spend as a % of revenues. It equals to U.S. $6 billion globally.
  • In 2014: 90% of airports CIO’s expect their IT spend to increase or remain stable in 2014.

Passenger Interaction

  • Over 80% of airports will have deployed assisted bag drop and kiosk bag tag printing by 2016.
  • 95% of airports are investing in mobile apps for passenger interaction and retail promotions.
  • 49% of airports plan to evaluate new technologies through pilot studies by 2016.

Business Intelligence

  • 83% of airports will invest in business intelligence for revenue optimization and management by 2015.
  • 57% of airports rank collaboration data as their priority.
  • By 2015 the airline industry and passengers will be sharing data more openly.

Airport Security Kiosks Cutting Time

  • Overall, average wait times at JFK were down more than 10 minutes to 21 minutes since the installation of the new automated kiosks in October 2013. The average wait times from November 2012 to February 2013 were 31 minutes.
  • Newark Airport had the shortest average Customs wait time, at almost 17 minutes, while Miami International Airport had the longest wait times at over 26 minutes.
  • While every terminal saw a small reduction in wait times, Terminal 4 at JFK with the new kiosks had the greatest reduction in wait times at more than 19 minutes.
  • Maximum wait times still range at nearly an hour at both JFK and Miami airports.
  • Newark Airport saw a reduction of more than 6 minutes in average wait time over last year.


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