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Healthcare Kiosks Buyer's Guide

The Verona Healthcare Check-in Kiosk

Olea Kiosks is glad to attend 2016’s HIMSS (Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society) conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. This year’s conference is themed “Transforming Health Through IT” which is exactly what Olea Kiosks is doing with the release of its new Verona Healthcare Kiosk. This healthcare check-in kiosk revolutionizes the way patients arrive andRead More

Supercharge Your Omni-Channel Strategy with Digital Retail Kiosks

One of the largest home improvement retailers saw their online sales grow by 37% in 2014. In 2015 online revenue grew another 36%, accounting for over one billion dollars in new online sales.  For a business that is traditionally based on in-person sales at brick-and-mortar locations, this growth in online retail is both surprising andRead More

No One Wants to Wait in Line – Retail Kiosks to the Rescue!

Human Resources Kiosks Save Money and Increase Employee Satisfaction

Human resources kiosks offer one of the most compelling value propositions of any digital kiosk deployment. These kiosks provide a highly interactive and easy-to-use interface to manage a wide variety of HR tasks that are required in the management of existing employees and the hiring of new employees.  By automating many of these HR tasks,Read More

Government Kiosks Are Creating Efficiencies for Government Agencies

As governments face increased cost pressures, government kiosks can further advance the efficiency of government organizations by facilitating transactions that a typical personal device cannot.  Mobile applications and sophisticated web sites have greatly improved government efficiency, but there are limitations.  Mobile applications cannot test vehicle emissions, print live checks for payment, or verify identity viaRead More

Up-selling & Cross-selling with Self-Service Kiosks

Casino Loyalty Kiosks Are the Best Bet You Can Make

Technology continues to become an even greater part of the action at casinos world-wide. As we detailed in a recent infographic, casino loyalty programs were introduced in the late 90’s and have exploded in popularity, reaching membership numbers of over 130 million to date. There is no sign of this trend slowing down. In fact,Read More

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