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Proximity Marketing with Retail Kiosks & Beacons

Healthcare Kiosks Increasing Efficiency for Medical Clinics

Healthcare Kiosks Providing Benefits to Facilities and Patients Patient check-in kiosks are proving to be very valuable in helping clinics to run more efficiently.  According to a recent internal study conducted by a healthcare facility in Idaho, check-in kiosks have shaved two minutes off of the average check-in time and over 50% off of theRead More

When It Comes to Kiosks Nobody Does It Better

Over the course of our 40 year history, Olea Kiosks has earned its spot as a top kiosk manufacturer by priding itself on a commitment to personal service, superior quality, and meeting client timelines. Olea offers a line of sleek standard “off-the-shelf” kiosks, as well as fully-customized kiosk solutions, all of which are proudly manufacturedRead More

Supersize Your QSR Sales with Customer Loyalty Kiosks

Drive-Thru Kiosks: The Next Big Thing in Fast Food

The next thing to shake up both the fast food and QSR industries will be drive-thru kiosks. Self-service has long been on the minds of restaurateurs, not just because of its ability to control labor costs, but also because of its efficient nature, more accurate order entry, and the ability to increase sales. By design,Read More

Stop Cyber-Attacks at the Front Door with Cyber Security Kiosks

Nearly every day there is news of a new high-profile cyber-security attack.  These types of attacks are increasing in frequency, and the statistics on these trends are alarming. The AV-Test Institute, an independent malware research firm, analyzes and documents malicious programs. In just the twelve months between May 2015 and April 2016, the group recordedRead More

Fight Malware with Cyber Security Kiosks

Fundraising Kiosks for Non-profits

We hear plenty about kiosks for commercial applications like retail, healthcare and hospitality, but what about leveraging the benefits of kiosks for not-for-profit endeavors? First, do not box in non-profit kiosks to the notion that they can only serve as fundraising kiosks, because that greatly diminishes the full spectrum of the features and benefits thatRead More

Retail Kiosks Provide Endless Aisles & Better Shopping Experiences!

Success in retail is commonly measured by two things: revenue-per-square-foot and customer service. Retail kiosks just so happen to be stellar at both! The “Endless Aisle” Created by Retail Kiosks Retail kiosks provide retailers with the benefit of an “endless aisle.” This concept means that popular, high-turnover merchandise can be placed on the sales floor,Read More

Top 4 Provider Benefits of Healthcare Kiosks

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