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ADA Specifications for Interactive Kiosks

According to a U.S. Census Bureau 2002 survey, there are more than 51 million individuals with disabilities in the United States.  This demographic is estimated to account for more than $175 billion in annual discretionary spending, including more than $35 billion spent on dining out and more than $13 billion in annual travel expenditures. WithRead More

Build Loyal Customers through Hospitality Kiosks

In the hospitality industry, establishing a recurring customer base through the development of brand loyalty is a crucial revenue stream. Studies have shown that a five percent uptick in customer loyalty can lead to increased profits of 25 to 95 percent. Furthermore, it has been shown that loyal customers will even stay in less desirableRead More

Digital Signage Kiosks Bring Positive ROI for Retailers

Why Retail Kiosks?

For retailers seeking to grow, retail kiosks provide numerous advantages that not only make them a great idea for the retailer, but for consumers as well. Retailers can enjoy more efficient operations with healthier profits, and consumers can avoid the frustrations of waiting in line by using the self-service options provided by kiosks. Benefits ofRead More

Using Customer Loyalty Kiosks to Generate Repeat Customers

The modern loyalty program was born in 1981, when American Airlines introduced the first frequent flyer program. It now boasts more than 50 million members, and over the past 35 years, loyalty programs have spread to a wide variety of industries including casinos, restaurants, supermarkets, movie theaters and more. Today, more businesses are turning toRead More

Proximity Marketing with Retail Kiosks & Beacons

Healthcare Kiosks Increasing Efficiency for Medical Clinics

Healthcare Kiosks Providing Benefits to Facilities and Patients Patient check-in kiosks are proving to be very valuable in helping clinics to run more efficiently.  According to a recent internal study conducted by a healthcare facility in Idaho, check-in kiosks have shaved two minutes off of the average check-in time and over 50% off of theRead More

When It Comes to Kiosks Nobody Does It Better

Over the course of our 40 year history, Olea Kiosks has earned its spot as a top kiosk manufacturer by priding itself on a commitment to personal service, superior quality, and meeting client timelines. Olea offers a line of sleek standard “off-the-shelf” kiosks, as well as fully-customized kiosk solutions, all of which are proudly manufacturedRead More

Supersize Your QSR Sales with Customer Loyalty Kiosks

Drive-Thru Kiosks: The Next Big Thing in Fast Food

The next thing to shake up both the fast food and QSR industries will be drive-thru kiosks. Self-service has long been on the minds of restaurateurs, not just because of its ability to control labor costs, but also because of its efficient nature, more accurate order entry, and the ability to increase sales. By design,Read More

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